Why is my unit leaking oil?

  • If the oil is leaking between the block and the housing, first make sure that the block bolts are tight. They should be tightened in a cross pattern, as tight as you can get them with a 1/4" allen wrench.


  • If the block bolts are tight and oil is still leaking from this area, remove the block and inspect the back side for damage. The only indentations on this side of the block should be a series of rings around the center. If there are other grooves, or grooves going through the rings, the block is damaged and needs to be replaced.


  • If oil is coming out of the bypass tube, or you see oil mixing with your paint, lay the unit on its back, and using a 1/4" allen wrench, remove the block. You will then see the diaphragm in the center of the housing. Pull it out and inspect it for tears, holes, breaks, cracks, etc. If the diaphragm is damaged in any of these ways, you will need to replace the diaphragm, inspect the housing to ensure that it is free of paint, and possibly replace the oil.


  • If oil is leaking beneath the motor, this is an indication that the oil seal has failed. Repair at an authorized service facility is recommended. If oil is leaking around the top of the housing, this is an indication that the faceplate seal has been damaged. Replace with part number AL013702AV.